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Confined Souls

During the last years, zoos have tried to rebrand themselves. They try to defense themselves with the fact that they have managed to get more spacious places and that they have reduced the number of animals in order to enhance the quality of them, as well as the insertion of a greater number of autochthonous species and endangered or critically endangered species. Although a review about zoos in the EU of Born Free Foundation, a British society dedicated to the investigate the situation of animals in captivity, shows us that only 0.23% of the caged animals in Europe are extinct in nature, 3.53% is critically endangered and 6.28% endangered

They also find an argument in their efforts to create strict plans of conservation of the species, “ex situ” and also “in situ”, their investigations and collaboration with universities and also by educating and teaching visitors. But, unfortunately, the animals’ welfare is out of this goal-list and there are still some animals placed in very small places, made by artificial materials and concrete, where they are exhibit before a mass that sees these places as an entertainment and not as a place to learn.

In addition, these places are one of the main causes of a clear indicator of lack of comfort for the animals, which are stereotypies. They are repetitive movements and actions without a determined end. Common examples are ungulates trying to lick the iron bars, chimpanzees pulling their bodies’ fur out or carnivorous that develop stereotypies of movement, which consist of the animal walking always following the same rout and doing it again and again.

Confined Souls is a project that, through pictures and audiovisual material, tries to show the conditions in which a lot of animals live in some of the worst zoos in Spain.

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