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About the Author

Miguel Rubio

From Almería, bachelor in pharmacy and student of EFTI (Centro internacional de fotografía y cine – International center of photography and cinema). He is a nature lover and member of AEFONA (the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers). In 2013, his sister put a fantastic Mamiya nc1000s with a 50mm f/1.7 camera into his hands.

One day, he decided to go for a walk and try it, and a whole new world opened to his eyes, he fell in love with the light and, since then, photography became a part of his life. Later, he decided to buy his first digital reflex camera and he began to read and know the work of great photographers such as Javier Alonso Torre, José Benito Ruíz, Juan Tapia, Galen Rowell o Sebastiao SalgadoSalgado, who were and are a source of inspiration with their different and delicate vision of nature photography..

Now, we can find him inside a project called “Almas Confiscadas” (“Confined Souls”), from where one of his pictures was selected as the absolute winner in the MontPhoto contest 2018 and winner of the Man and Nature category in the Cadiz Photo Nature contest 2018. By this project, he shows us a series of pictures of captive animals that are mentally and physically injured due to the different small and artificial places that still exist in plenty of zoos in Spain.

His goal is to find the way to express the beauty of natural and to share the respect that he feels for nature and the urgent need to his conservation.

- I know the road is long, but every single day I feel I have more enthusiasm to keep learning new ways of seeing nature through photography and, ultimately, more enthusiasm to keep "painting" with light -”».

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