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Confined Souls

  • El pasado viernes 25 de noviembre, tuve el gran honor de recibir el primer premio de la categoría hombre y naturaleza del prestigioso concurso GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, con la fotografía "Mis manos" perteneciente al proyecto. Me gustaría agradecer al jurado por haber decidido que "Mis manos" sea la ganadora, pero también agradecer a todas las personas que hacen posible que la GDT sea una realidad que ayuda a mostrar trabajos como este. Realidades que se encuentran muy cerca de nosotros, aquí en Europa. Realmente, no es una imagen

  • This picture shows a elephant called Flavia who died last march at the zoo of Cordoba. She was more than 40 years confined and alone, even knowing that these animals are very sociable beings that need to be in the company of other elephants. Two months before died, I could be with her and take many other photographs. Flavia remained motionless for long periods of time with her gaze fixed on the void and with empty eyes far for transmitting any sign of life.

  • Today is WORLD LION DAY. Approximately 20000 copies remain free and now they are vulnerable, they need your help

  • For those who couldn’t come to MontPhoto, THE CONFINED SOULS PROJECT will be shown the next 10th of May. A series of shocking pictures that leave nobody unmoved. The hard reality of how animals still live in zoos in Spain. 10th of May, 17:00h, in Aula de formación, 4th floor, OPTICA ROMA. Plaza Manuel Becerra, 18, Madrid. Book your place in: http://opticaroma.com/instrumentos/cursos/curso?c=8

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